Bridal shop experiences

I’ve seen many women writing on wedding forums about their bad experiences in bridal shops, but never really thought anything of it.

However, although my first experience in a bridal shop wasn’t horrendous, it certainly wasn’t completely enjoyable. I enjoyed trying the dresses on, but the lady in the shop didn’t have a great attitude and this left a sour taste in my mouth once I’d left. Comments such as “are you planning on loosing weight?” and “this dress is too small for you”, stuck in the back of my mind and meant I didn’t visit another dress shop for 9 months.

I was talking to a work colleague last week about trying on dresses (she’s getting married this Saturday!!!!) and she mentioned that she’d had a bad experience with exactly the same shop I’d had a bad experience with!

The shop I tried THE dress on last week however, had great customer service. She wasn’t judgmental, she was honest, but in a constructive way and she was more than happy for me to try whatever I wanted on. I didn’t feel pushed into buying anything and came out feeling totally elated!!

I guess the point to this post, is to highlight that customer service really is important when you are purchasing something as important and expensive as your wedding dress. The comments, attitude and facial expression of the person ‘helping’ you do make a difference to how you feel when you leave the shop. Even if you don’t find THE dress, you’ll still come out feeling slightly positive, if only because of the treatment you’ve received.

I am going to go to one last shop though before I put my deposit down on my chosen dress at the shop I went to last week. However, this is only because they have my dress in the next size up, so I want to see which size fits me better so I order the right size.


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