DIY confetti – part two

A few months ago I successfully attempted to dry some rose petals from a bouquet of flowers Mr M bought me for our first year of being engaged anniversary.

Today, I have dried some more petals!

A work colleague bought me a bunch of flowers as a thank you present for helping her with something with her wedding (long story), and I accidentally knocked a head off while displaying them. So I thought I’d have a go drying the petals rather than just dispose of it.

And it worked! The flowers in questions were beautiful pink Carnations. The bud hadn’t fully opened so the petals weren’t fully formed, but I still managed to make some tiny pieces of confetti to add to the collection. Drying out the Carnations in the microwave took less time than drying the rose petals – it took 2 minutes in total!

I also dried some orchid petals, as one of the flowers from my orchid had dropped from the plant. Drying these in the microwave took even less time; just 1 minute!

I’ll definitely dry the rest of the petals from the bunch I was bought yesterday once they start to look past their best and add them to the confetti collection.

I think its going to take a lot of flowers to make enough confetti to fill 80 cones though…


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