Get yourself online!

Now the ‘peak season’ for weddings is coming to an end, lots of Brides will be advertising the items from their weddings that they no longer need. Which means, you can pick up some GREAT bargains!

Most Brides these days tend to try and sell the items that they bought for their wedding that they are unlikely to use now back in the ‘real world’ to recoup some of the heaps of money they spent on pretty things. They know they won’t get back what they paid it for, and often they’ll sell it really cheap just to get rid of it and make some space in their marital home.

I will definitely be selling on lots of things from our wedding – I will keep things like the bouquets as I painstakingly handmade them and perhaps some of the centrepieces as they’d look good in our house. But pretty much everything else can go to another Bride!

So check out eBay, You and Your Wedding, Hitched, Confetti, Wedding Bee, wedding facebook groups, Gumtree, Preloved…. there’ll be loads of lovely things on there!!

Personally, I think it’s lovely when items visit multiple weddings and spread a bit of joy for other couples! Its like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants; just wedding style!!


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