Cadbury’s personalised chocolate

Another Bride recently introduced me to the Cadbury’s personalised chocolate gifts website.

On this site you can personalise the wrapper for the chocolate with names, text and photos. And this got ms thinking that this would make a perfect addition to a wedding goody bags!

Flower girls and page boys would love it, and I know Mr M would definitely love it! So I think I’ll get on a bit nearer the time to put into his Groom’s box that I am making him.

You can get individual standard sized bars which would be great for the kids, right up to the big milk trays!  Admittedly it’s not cheap, with a standard sized bar coming in at £2.59, but it does look good!

Here’s a 200g Milk Tray with some text on it (note there is space for a photo at the bottom which is included in the price). This Milk Tray comes in at £7.39 (plus p&p)…

Its something worth thinking about if you need to bulk up a goody bag but you can’t think what to include!

N.B. I  will most probably go for the 230g bar of chocolate as it’s about £2.50 less than its Milk Tray weight alternative (and you get 30gs more chocolate for your money!).


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