A ‘BEWARE’ story

I would absolutely LOVE an engagement/pre-wedding photoshoot.

Since we’ve been engaged I’ve seen so many engagement shoot photos and just think they are such a lovely thing to have. I’d love to have photos of us scattered across our house and have them in a nice photo album to keep.

But the problem is, I have been burnt by engagement photographers.

Approximately 3 months after Mr M and I got engaged, I ‘won’ a photo shoot competition by a company in London through a well known wedding website. I didn’t remember entering the competition, but I had entered a lot around that time so couldn’t be sure if I did or not. To cut a long story short, it was a complete con and I lost over £150. We were given a copy of one frankly crap, photo of us on a CD, and was burnt by the hair and make-up girl when she was straightening my hair.

There were a number of other horrible things that made the whole experience worse, but I don’t really want to ramble on about it all.

It’s quite a big thing for me to share this, but I just wanted to make other Brides aware of the risks of accepting ‘prizes’ from companies that aren’t well known.

So, if you are contacted by a company that you can’t remember entering a competition with, or you are asked to pay money up front for a ‘free prize’ (even if it’s to ‘secure’ your place), whatever you do, DON’T DO IT!!!

I hope my experience will help someone else stop themselves from making the same mistake I did. 


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