Mr M and I thought it’d be a cool and original idea to have a photobooth for the evening reception entertainment. But now, this has become widespread, and many of our friends will have been to weddings with them.

Now I’m not saying WE came up with the photobooth idea (we totally didn’t) but we were the first to get engaged and decided upon this pretty early on. And now, many of our friends have got engaged and have booked their weddings for dates before us, so we don’t want to look like we’re copying them, or using an idea that’s already been done 5 times previous I’m the same year.

But getting married in December really restricts what we can have. I love giant outdoor games like chess and twister etc, but this is not an option mid-winter.

So what can we do?

A casino is an option, but it’s not something I’m into at all (the only card game I know how to play is Snap!) and Dan doesn’t gamble, so it’s not something that really reflects us as a couple. But a casino is the only two things I’ve come up with so far.

My only other idea is a treasure hunt game. Each table will be given a list of things they have to find in and outside the venue, and they have to work together as a group to get them all. The group that does it the best wins a prize (bottle of champagne or something). But perhaps that’s too childish? (I work with young children so the boundaries blur sometimes..).

We’ll be having a DJ so it’s not like we have to provide something big to entertain for the entire night, but I think it’s good to have something extra if you can.

Now here is where you come in…

Can you think of any ideas? We don’t have a massive budget to play with, and it’s got to be something that can be done in a relatively small space indoors. There’s a slight possibility that we could get our hands on a small marquee, but it won’t be anything big or flashy, and because we can afford to heat it, guests probably won’t want to be outside in it for long. It’s also got to be something that people of all ages can do.

If you come up with any ideas, please leave your comments below!


5 thoughts on “Entertainment?

  1. My friends suggested hiring a ceilidh (sp?) called and having a barn dance bit. They said it’s such a laugh and gets everyone moving? Also have an I Spy game… a list of moments to either spy or photograph: for example – bride playing with her ring, father of the bride watching daughter, best/worst dancer, kids playing etc.

    Hope they help.

    • Hi!

      Thank you for your suggestions! Both are fab ideas! Just Youtube’d the ceilidh and it looks great fun!

      The iSpy game will be a great one for the younger ones; we’ve got a few that will be about 10 by then so it’ll give them something to do when the tiny ones have their colouring books etc!

      Thank you again!


  2. I dont have any suggestions atm I will let you know when I do :o) but I totally know how you feel. People weren’t having festival weddings when we planned and ordered ours years ago! Or a photo booth! I’m sticking with them though :oD

    • Oh I know! The the only downside to wedding blogs and magazines; they make an idea that one in a million brides had ‘invented’ accessible to everyone!

      I am considering sticking with the photobooth after all; perhaps DIY’ing it to make it completely unique though.

  3. Hi, I really love thelategraduate’s idea of getting a ceilidh going, me and my fiancé are thinking of getting a swing dance going (a basic 1920’s charleston is pretty easy). Another idea is to get a performance from a dancer or group of dancers. This may be especially fun if you are into dancing yourself. For instance, I do bellydance, my teacher has already offered to dance at the wedding (free of charge, usually a price of a few hundred euro’s) but I’m sure my friends from class would love to show their skills too, we have done a few performances together already and love it, as i would have them at my wedding anyway it would kill two birds in one stone. Doing something like this may also give you a theme for a photobooth, setting it apart from your friends. Few pieces of cloth hanging and some nice accesories to match your entertainment, et voila.
    Friends of ours had colourful crayons with their guestbook and let their guests make drawings. As he is a gamer I had quite some fun drawing a happy girl fighting a monster with a sword and buckler. Hope this helps. xoxo

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