Confetti shots

I LOVE a good confetti shot – in fact, I just love confetti in general, whether it be fluttering through the air over a Bride and Groom, or in its little packets ready to be thrown. 

Confetti is just fun and super pretty.

I’m making my own little confetti cones to hold our confetti, which will be given to our guests by our Bridesmaids. I’m making them out of paper doilies, but I’ve seen some Brides make some fabulous little personalised packets that fit inside their Order of Service booklets. I could have done similar as I love a good DIY project, but I think the doilies look a bit more festive and suit a winter wedding a bit better due to their colouring and the lacey edges.

So just to get you understanding the necessity of confetti, here are a few shots of confetti for inspiration..


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