We’ve been engaged for ONE whole year!!!!!!

This time last year, I was utterly speechless and crying after Mr M asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

And what a year it has been!

The journey towards our wedding  has been one of many changes and many developments. Not in a bad way I might add; just in a very full on and busy way. There have been so many things going on external to the wedding, like buying a house, not to mention the many developments we have made to the wedding itself.

The colour scheme we decided upon for our big day has also changed a number of times since we put our initial thoughts down on paper… As soon as we got engaged we decided upon having a Spring wedding and we wanted a lemon yellow colour scheme. Three months later, we had booked our venue for the last week in December and had decided upon burgundy red for our colours!!! However, one month later, we’d been out shopping and came back with plum Bridesmaid dresses! You’ll be pleased to know that we have stuck to plum, and there’s no going back now!!

Just a little photo of my all-time favourite piece of jewellery…

And the beautiful flowers Mr M had delivered to me today…

The year itself has been pretty amazing in spite of all the changes. I am LOVING planning our wedding. I have created so many personal touches that I feel are relevant to Mr M and myself, and have really enjoyed DIY’ing things to keep the costs down.  I have also really loved writing this blog and sharing my plans and bargain finds with you all – its been FAB!

And now, there is only 540 days to go till all this planning comes into effect and Mr M and I get married!

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