Wedding photo album inspiration

I’ve decided against having the wedding photo albums made my our photographer. 

I want to have full control over our albums, and know exactly what I want from them. I’m sure my photographer would have done a brilliant job, but I couldnt justify spending an extra £350 to accommodate the albums0 that were included in the next package up from the one we are having!

Within our photography package we get half a days shooting (basically from the start of me getting ready, right up until we sit down for our meal). We also get all the photos copyright free on a disk, and a second disk of the photos in black and white or sepia (I haven’t decided which yet). I personally prefer the look of B&W or sepia photos as I think you can see the beauty of the photo better, rather than being distracted by colour. So the photos we display in our house and the album we’ll be having, will contain black and white or sepia photos. I might also make a small colour version too, if I have the time or budget to do so.

I also like clean looking photos; by this I mean that I want the photos to be the focus of the page. I don’t want to have one photo as a background to the rest – to me that looks too busy and cluttered. You could say I’m going for the ‘minimalist’ look with our albums.

The albums we’ll be giving to our families however will be in colour. I know my Mother-in-law particularly likes wedding photos in colour so I’ll make her album with coloured photos.

Here’s a few photos of the type of style I want to get from my photo albums.. 

 My favourite is probably the second image, though that totally goes against my ‘no colour’ theory!!..


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