Hair accessories

One area that I haven’t given much thought to yet, is hair accessories.

My hair is in a bob length and style; it sits half way down my neck. Growing it isn’t really an option; firstly, my hair refuses to grow any longer than to my shoulder, and secondly, the ‘weight’ of it just pulls it down and it looks rubbish. So I’ll either have to stick with the bob look, or get a clip in hair piece to add some length.

On top of deciding that, I’ve also got to decide what to put in my hair. All I know is I want something.

So, my options are: tiara, hair band, comb, clip in sparkles and veil.

Now I think I am pretty set on having something sparkly, but what form that comes in, I’m not sure! I haven’t yet tried any sparkly bits on, but I have tried a veil on, and I really didn’t like it!

Now I’m not sure if this was because I didn’t like that particular veil, or she put it in too high up for my liking or what, but I couldn’t wait to get it out!! But I do look at photos of other Brides wearing them and think they’re lovely, so I think I probably need to try some other ones on before making my mind up. I also need to decide on the skirt of my dress too before making any decisions, as I wouldn’t want it to be ‘too much’ if I do go for a princessy dress!

Here are a few of my hair accessory inspiration photos…

I’m not so keen on tiaras; I think the bride above wearing a tiara looks great, but I think you need quite a lot of hair to pull it off, and I definitely don’t have enough! I think I will probably go for either a sparkly headband or a slide in clip if I have my hair down in its normal bob shape (or even if I curl it), or if I have my hair up with a veil, I might have a comb either in the back, or on the side which my fringe doesn’t fall.

I will need to go into a big bridal shop, or large department store at some point which has lots of different styles and designs to try on though, as I want whatever I wear to be comfortable. Headbands in particular aren’t always very comfortable as they press on the area behind your ears, and they give me a headache; not what I want on my wedding day!!


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