Throwing the bouquet

Traditionally, the Bride’s bouquet is either thrown and caught by an eager lady hoping to be the next to become engaged, or it is placed on the grave of a special family member.

I shall be doing neither.

I definitely won’t be throwing it. My bouquet is HEAVY. And it would probably injure someone if I lobbed it over my head into a crowd of people. Especially with my awesome throwing skills (NOT).

I also won’t be placing it on any family member’s graves. Simply for the reason that those members of my family who are no longer around, have not been buried.

So I shall be keeping my bouquet. I personally have painstakingly handmade each and every bouquet and buttonhole used throughout our wedding. It was a long, hard and fiddly job to do, but I enjoyed it and love the end result. So I am glad I have the opportunity to keep it.

I am not sure whether I will display it somewhere in our house, or put it in our ‘wedding memories’ box which I plan to make after the wedding to keep special items in such as the guest book etc. But I will definitely be putting it somewhere safe to show our future children in many years to come. I’d like to think our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen would keep their bouquets and buttonholes too seeing as they are non-perishable, but  I don’t know what they will do with them after our big day has gone!

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