I think I’ve decided on my wedding ring design!

A few weeks back I wrote about my wedding ring design dilemma. I was stuck between two very different design rings (in fact, pretty much the only similarity was the type of metal being used and the fact it’d definitely have diamonds in it!). 

Because my engagement ring is an unusual shape, a ‘normal’ wedding band wouldn’t work. I need something shaped to fir the ring. This would either be in the form of a V shaped ring (option 1), or a eternity style band (option 2), with a section cut out of it so it slotted against the engagement ring.

Here’s a few examples to explain what I mean..

Firstly, here’s my engagement ring.. SWOON!!…

Now for wedding rings..

Option 1. v-shaped diamond band. (Ignore the extra diamonds round the outside of the middle stone and on the band)

Option 2. Eternity style wedding band.

Now, if my engagement ring had diamonds across the band as well as the diamond in the middle, then I’d definitely have gone with Option 2. However, seeing as it doesn’t (bad Mr M! – just kidding!!!), I’ve decided I’ll go for Option 1. The decision was helped by the finding of this beauty..

I tried something very similar on at a Wedding Fayre earlier in the year, but wasn’t allowed to take a photo. So I’ve spend a LONG time searching for something remotely similar! Then on about page 40 of Google (yes, I did search for that long!), I FOUND IT!!!

Just to prove that they look good together, here is a very amateur merging of the two rings..

I am going to ask my Father-in-law-to-be to make me a mock up one (he made my engagement ring and will be making both our wedding rings), just so I can try them on together and make sure they ‘go’, but I think I have found THE ONE!!!

That’s something else checked off the to-do list!!!


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