Manicures and pedicures

I will be booking myself in for both a manicure and pedicure in the days running up to our wedding, to ensure my nails are oh-so-pretty for the big day!

Mr M absolutely despises fake nails, so it’ll be a simple paint job for me! (I do keep teasing him though by saying I’m going to have really long nails put on hehe). But, the question is, do I ‘go nude’ or ‘go colour’?!

Nude nails on ‘normal’ nails is a bit of a waste I think personally as it doesn’t look any different to normal. So I was thinking I might wear a nail colour that is a similar shade to the Bridesmaid dresses; a beautiful rich plum colour, or go all out and have gold glitter to tie in with the other accent colour of our colour scheme!

Our wedding will be a festive winter wedding, so I think I can afford to be a bit more extravagant with my nails as it is all part of the glitzy-ness of the event! Strong colours will work amongst all the fairy lights and decorations, and will finish off my look perfectly!

It’ll also look good in the close-up photos we’ll have taken of our wedding rings!

Here’s the kind of thing I’m thinking of having…



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