Why a winter wedding?

People keep saying to me “Why on earth do you want to get married in winter? It’ll either rain or snow?!”. Well, erm, hello? When does it NOT rain in the UK?!

We chose to hold our wedding in December for a few reasons. Firstly, its a lot cheaper because it is ‘low season’ in the wedding world. Secondly, winter is a very romantic time, I think! And thirdly, you know you’ll probably either have rain or snow, so at least you can prepare for it, rather than be disappointed when all your optimism doesn’t work its magic and it pours mid-June.

PLUS, my job revolves around being outside in all weathers, and wearing wellies for 9 months of the year! So a wedding without wellies just wouldn’t be me!

I think the photos taken in winter are particularly beautiful; its all moody looking clouds and sparking frost on everything.. totally picturesque!!

I am also excited to wear my gorgeously fluffy ivory faux-fur cropped jacket! It was an absolute steal from Primark at £23, but will keep me toasty and warm for all those outside photos we plan to have! I just hope Mr M has considered wearing thermals under his suit…!

So, our preperation list goes as follows:

Weather watch constantly.

Give guests LOTS of notice on weather updates via wedding website.

Buy appropriate clothing to wear whilst outside; wellies, jackets, thermals, umbrellas etc.

Provide warming food and drinks.. and venue, for the guests!

Check possible supplier’ contracts for what happens if weather stops them providing their service.

Take as much to the venue prior to the wedding day, so that important items are there ready and waiting.

Snow proof cars belonging to the wedding party; get metal wheel tracks for tyres and non-slip ramps.

Provide a list of nearby accommodation establishments for guests who may not make it home due to heavy snow.

There is a lot to consider when holding your wedding in the winter, but I’m hoping it’ll be more than worth it! As long as Mr M and the registrar makes it to the venue, we’ll have a wonderful day!!!

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