I love my wedding planning scrapbook!

I have to say, I LOVE my wedding planning scrapbook! Well, its not so much a scrapbook anymore, but a full on ring binder!

I keep everything in there, and I constantly add cuttings from magazines into it. I’ve found it really helpful when trying to ‘put together’ the theme for our wedding; with my folder I can keep all my millions of ideas in one place and refer to them instantly without having to trawl through hundreds of magazines looking for something.

I know its quite geeky, but I’ve divided everything into sections to keep it tidy. This also helps when speaking to the wedding party, your wedding coordinator at the venue and other suppliers.

Its also a great keepsake. I’m sure once Mr M and I are happily settled down into married life I’ll look back through it and laugh at my crazy ideas or scoff at how fashions have changed over the years. But most of all, it’ll be a fab reminder of the love and effort that has gone into planning our special day.

Here are just a few photos of my wedding planning scrapbook…

One of the things I’m really glad I’ve done through the wedding process, is creating a ‘wedding style brainstorm’ (see 4 photos above). I sat down and really thought about all the different elements I imagined would be included in our wedding day, and put them onto paper. That way, I could gather ideas really easy as I always had something to remind me of the foundations of our theme.

However, what you see above isn’t the final stage of completing my wedding planning scrapbook. Oh no – this is only the beginning. We have another 569 days to go until we get married..this is just the start!

6 thoughts on “I love my wedding planning scrapbook!

  1. I LOVE your scrapbook so far – You’re very creative!!

    I’ve decided to try and do a DIY wedding cake myself in the last week to try and save a bit on money, I must be mad! Got a few ideas though so fingers crossed!!

    Hope you and Mr M are having a lovely weekend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hey Megan!

      Thank you! Although those photos are about 1% of what’s actually in my wedding planning scrapbook! Haha! I showed by CBM a few weeks back and I think she thought I was crazy! Haha!

      Go you with the DIY wedding cake!! Apparently M&S do the best plain tiers for you to DIY! Both the sponge and fruit are super tasty! Will save you SO much money as well! xxxxxx

  2. Hi, I’m impressed at your scrapbook and all the ideas you’ve collected.

    I’m beginning to plan my wedding for early 2014 and would like to start a scrapbook too! But does that mean I’ve got to buy lots of wedding magazines? Where do you get your ideas from?


    • Hi Joyce,

      You definitely don’t have to buy lots of wedding magazines! I do buy the odd one, but a lot of the pictures I’ve collected are off the Internet, or from regular magazines/newspapers. The ‘home’ section in regular magazines usually have lots of great ideas in them, and even if the actual items aren’t what you’re looking for, the colour schemes they collate using them are handy just to give you ideas!

      I also take advantage of the free prints you get from online photo printing companies; I upload inspiration photos to them and get them printed and sent for free! You can usually get around 40 from each website so you can definitely collect lots that way!

      :) xxx

      • Getting free prints from the shops is definitely a great idea! :D
        Also, if I’m not mistaken, I remember reading somewhere in you blog that there’s a website where we can store all pictures there? Could you please give me the link again? I tried looking at online scrapbook but they are not for massive pictures and ideas collection, something that we need now. :p


      • Hi Joyce,

        That would probably be Pinterest – my all time favourite Internet invention ever! It’s amazing for not only storing your own photos, but searching for other ideas! I’ve stored over 900 photos on there now! I’m addicted! :)

        For free prints try Jessops, Bonusprint.. If you just put ‘free prints’ into Google loads will come up!

        :) xx

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