Custom-made wedding dress

My wedding dress decision has been a bit of a backwards and forwards battle.

When I first got engaged (and when I was completely naive about our wedding budget), I thought I’d be spending upwards of £1000 on my dress. I’d still love to spend that much on a dress, but it is NOT going to be possible.

Soon after that initial naivety, I came across a wedding dress listed on a wedding forum that I really liked. After some consideration, I bought it for the bargainous price of £100! Then I made the mistake of going into a wedding dress shop with my Mum and found two different dresses that I REALLY liked.

I knew I couldn’t afford the prices they were asking, so contacted local dressmakers to see what they’d charge. The result? Approximately 60% less than the price the dress shop was asking for!! Brilliant, I thought! Much more affordable!

But now, we’ve just bought a house and all my wedding savings (including the dress fund) has gone on paying for that, which means I probably don’t have any other choice than to wear my £100 dress. The problem? I really don’t like the skirt – its not my dream dress and I’m not happy or comfortable wearing it how it is at present. So, I’ve been back in contact with the local seamstress and asked her if changing the skirt is possible. AND IT IS!!!! For the grand cost of around £100!!! So I CAN have my dream dress for around £200!!!

Changing the dress won’t be happening till next year, when the wedding is nearer and the alterations can be done at the same time.

Just got to choose the perfect skirt now….


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