Budget woes

Errrggg. Budgets are horrible things!

Mr M and I were pretty much on top of our budget; we’d been saving money from our wages and it was adding up nicely. That was up until recently. Some of you may know that Mr M and I are in the process of buying our very first house. That in itself is AMAZING, but it has meant that I’ve had to use 99% of the wedding fund savings to pay the extra bits needed to get the house-buying process going.

We now have around £600 of the wedding fund left – with about another £9000 to pay. O.M.G.

Luckily, it would seem that having to postpone our wedding at the start of the year for an extra 12 months has been a bit of a godsend. Although we were really upset about having to re-arrange our wedding date for a whole year after our original date, it’d now seem it was fate. We now have 18 months to re-save the money, which theorectically is do-able, rather than 6 months if we had have kept our original date.

I’ve paid around £1500 to various different companies, and bought things for the wedding already, so that is definitely a help, but now being £5000 down, we’ve got to go back to really scrimping and saving to avoid putting the wedding on credit cards.

Inevitably, something will end up going on the credit card, which isn’t what we wanted to do. But hopefully it’ll just be something small, rather than a large chunk.

However, I am now even more determined to cut down on what we originally anticipated we’d spend by finding even more bargains and deals!

Earlier today, I made a list of areas we could possibly save on. They were:


Groomsmen suits

Bridesmaid shoes

Bride’s underwear

Bride’s accessories

Hair and make-up

Wedding rings

Hotel for wedding night

This altogether, comes to over £1700, so realistically, I’d like to get it down by a few hundred pounds. The Groomsmen’s suits come to £600 on their own though!! Saving money on confetti should be easier; I could either make this myself using tissue paper, or buy pre-made paper confetti. Originally I was going to buy real petals which would have cost around £50-60, but I could cut this down to around £20 by buying paper confetti. And we don’t have to have a hotel room for our wedding night, we could just go home! That would save us another £100. I don’t really want to scrimp on the wedding rings though. Well, I don’t want to scrimp on mine! Mr M will only be wearing his when he’s not at work (he has a very manual job), so he’s already said he only wants a cheap one! I however, will wear mine everyday so I want something special.

I have a feeling that the calculator is going to be my best friend over the next few months…


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