Colour scheme mood boards for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone users!

So as I’ve recently mentioned, Mr M and I are in the process of buying a house, and yesterday I got a bit ahead of myself and started to plan the colour schemes for the different rooms (saddo, I know!). 

I was doing this on my iPad, after downloading a free app called Dulux Colour Concept, which is basically a digital scrapbook with access to all colours within their range of paints.

So what I was thinking, is that this’d be a PERFECT tool for planning and developing your colour scheme for your wedding!

You can add your own photos (i.e. you could put pictures of your venue, centrepieces etc) and then use their colour palette and find colours of paint that match your scheme! This would be a fab way of helping to decide which to go for if you were stuck between two different colour schemes!

Here’s an example of one of the ones I’ve made for our house..

And what’s better, is that you can create as many different ‘pages’ as you like, and then email them to your other half, venue or wedding planner!

Plus, as it is FREE you might as well have a go…

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