A little on the quiet side..

The last week or so has been one hell of a busy time for Mr M and I as we’re currently in the process of applying for a mortgage, and we’re viewing houses!

This will be our first house, and the first place we’ve properly lived together. Everything is all very new to us, and the financial side of it is quite (actually, very) confusing! We’ve seen a place we REALLY like, and viewed it last night! Annoyingly, we can already see ourselves living there, which is a pain as we’re right at the start of the process and it could get snapped up by someone else while we’re doing the paperwork! So I’m trying not to get my hopes up!

As a result, wedding planning has taken a bit of a back seat for the last week or so! But I have a day off work tomorrow, so it’ll be all stations go, go, go!!


One thought on “A little on the quiet side..

  1. Wishing both you and Mr M so much luck in your house hunting! I really hope it goes well for you <3 Crossing my fingers :) Keep us updated :) xxxxx

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