List of photography shots

My photographer has been very helpful and sent me over a list of photography shots I can ‘choose from’, so she can make sure she gets exactly what WE want out of her services.

So I thought I’d share that list with you! I’ve added a few more different shots I want taken to the list, as there’s certain things I’d like focused on  that aren’t already on the list.

Photo shots

Bride getting ready
Bride full length shot
Bride head and shoulders shot
Bride with bridesmaids
Bride and mother
Bride and father
Bride leaving the house/hotel
Groom arriving
Groom with best man
Groom with best man and ushers
Bride arriving in car
Bride with father by the car
Bride at wedding venue entrance
Bride at wedding venue entrance with bridesmaids
Rear shot of Bride and Groom at alter after bridesmaids have sat down
Signing of register
Bride and Groom walking down the aisle
Coming out of wedding venue door
Confetti shot
Bride and Groom head and shoulder shot
Bride and Groom full length shot
Bride on own (dress arranged)
Bride and Groom with wedding party
Bride and Groom with all guests
Bride and Groom by the car
Bride and Groom inside the car
Bride and Groom walking into reception
Bride and Groom toasting champagne
Bride and Groom cutting cake
Wedding ring shot

I’ve also added onto the list things like shots of DIY projects around the reception before guests arrive, and made a list of areas inside and outside of the venue I’d like photos taken in.

My photographer said to me when we booked her ‘You tell me what you want, and I’ll do it’ as she wanted us to get exactly what WE wanted from our wedding photos, rather than have a set of photos that weren’t as we imagined.

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