My RSVP cards and wedding website cards have arrived!!

Two weeks ago I ordered our RSVP cards and our wedding website cards from Vistaprint, and they’ve arrived over a week early!

And……..I LOVE THEM!!!

None of our stationery ‘matches’, but each element of the stationery comes under the colour scheme we’ve chosen.

Both our day and evening invitations are gold and ivory (but different designs), the RSVPs are plum purple like the Bridesmaid dresses, and the website cards are ivory and brown (the men’s suits will be brown)! So it doesn’t look like a proper matchy-matchy set, but it works well with our gold, plum, ivory and brown colour scheme!

I did have the opportunity to have a matching stationery set, but I couldn’t warrant spending all that extra money on something that will in reality just be thrown away once the day has passed, so Vistaprint was a better option! I was also able to customise the wording whilst in the design process, so that saved a lot of DIY time that can now be spent on making the bouquets and buttonholes. Plus, the money I’ve saved from getting my non-matching stationery from Vistaprint can now go towards something more long lasting, like our wedding rings.

I did also consider getting little cards with our gift list wishes made, but thought it might be one card too many for our guests to receive, so I’ve decided to put that on our wedding website instead! Hopefully the wedding website cards we’ll include with our invitations will direct a lot of our guests onto the site. We’ve put quite a lot of information onto it to help our guests and we will update it nearer the time with weather updates etc – you never know if snow will arrive in December!  Hopefully it’ll also answer a lot of questions our guests may have about things like directions and local accommodation so we don’t get bombarded with hundreds of repetitive questions near to the day!!!


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