Wedding ‘themes’ – creative or crazy?

Okay, so when I first started planning our wedding, the only ‘theme’ I thought weddings were based on, was colours. But now, over a year into planning (6 months pre-engaged, 9 months properly engaged), I’ve realised this most definitely isn’t the case!

It was probably in the pre-engagement period that I started to notice ‘themes’ appearing in magazines (Alice and Wonderland, country fete etc), but I didn’t really take much notice of it. I thought it was just something super creative people did, or they were simply posed and set up for the magazines. But no. Themes exist. And I am now a wedding theme convert.

It has taken me up until the last month to actually admit that though. I’ve always been worried that people will walk into our venue and think “how childish” or “she’s obviously put more thought into the decor than the life changing experience she’s about to undertake”. But I don’t think either applies to our wedding (and it definitely doesn’t apply to my attitude towards marriage).

Our theme reflects US as a couple; where we met, our hobbies, our passions and pastimes. Its not something we’ve just plucked out of a magazine and thought would be fun. Its just us; a bit old fashioned, a bit away with the fairies, a bit hippy-ish (I never thought I’d describe myself as hippy-ish but I am beginning to see some elements forming..!), a bit rustic, and a bit different. It’s got US written all over it.

But do weddings need themes? No, probably not. Weddings aren’t about the party or the pretty things, they’re about the marriage. But I think the worry that many Brides have nowadays is that everything has even done before and no one wants to look like they’re coping someone else so they feel they should put their own slant on it. And that’s when themes evolve.

I admit, I am one of these people. When it comes down to this wedding, I am being extremely protective and secretive. But the thing is, wedding themes are no longer unique. However original you think you’re being, you’re guaranteed to find someone on Google whilst browsing photos who has done it before you.

Despite saying that, I am transitioning into a bit of a Bridezilla – with our wedding being one year and eight months (and two days) away, it means that there is at least 611 chances of aspects of our wedding that I’ve ‘claimed’ being used in someone else’s wedding, if there were to be one wedding a day for the next 20months. Not to mention the fact that 4 of our friends are getting married before us. Awful isn’t it?! Weddings are turning me crazy and irrational!!!!

But additionally, all the craziness and secrecy aside, I just REALLY want our wedding to surprise our guests. Not in the sense that we want to horrify them, but surprise them in terms of “oh my goodness, they’ve kept this quiet!! Isn’t it just totally THEM?!”.

Bridezilla tendencies aside.. theming your wedding is definitely fun – the theme doesn’t have to be OTT, it can be as subtle as a particular flower being used throughout your decor and stationery. Alternatively you can go all out and create something amazing like a full blown carnival which you use for the basis of your evening reception (LOVE this idea by the way!).

But once you choose a theme, stick to it. Have as many different colours in your colour scheme as you like if you think it works (I’ve got 4!), but choose just ONE theme – mixing themes is never good (think Disney paired with Wild West – eeek!).

And remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Research suppliers thoroughly to get the best deal, use and abuse eBay, recycle and reuse, raid charity shops (not literally), ask friends and family to save you unwanted items (jam-jars for example), not to mention the fact that Google is your photo inspiration BFF when it comes to giving you cheap and affordable DIY ideas…

BUT, if you are planning to theme your wedding, do it properly! Guests won’t understand why you’re making the odd reference to something if it isn’t consistent. You don’t have to go overboard, but make sure you incorporate your theme into everything.

The most important thing to remember? Theming your big day CAN be done on a budget!!!


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