Gift lists?

Mr M and I have just started to think about gift lists for our wedding.

There are plenty of companies which organise gift lists for relatives to buy the newly wedded couple a present to celebrate their marriage. Debenhams is always a popular one, John Lewis do one, B&Q do one, Not on the High Street do one (YAY!) and there are hundreds of others which specialise in different things.  There are even websites that guests can access to pay for your honeymoon or activities for you to do while you’re away!

Mr M and I will have lived in our own house for around a year by the time we get married, so we probably won’t need all the things a traditional gift list offers like pots and pans, so we are thinking of asking for money instead to put towards our honeymoon.

We are hoping to go to either Australia or USA for a few weeks in 2014 for our honeymoon and we’d like our guests to contribute towards this.

I’d like to point out that we don’t expect our guests to give us a gift or some money; but family and friends have already mentioned it to us so we know they have plans to do so.

I do like the idea of a traditional gift list, but there isn’t much we will need by the time the wedding comes round, so I think their kindness would be better used by giving us a well deserved trip away! Of course, if our guests contact us and say they’d rather give us a tangible gift as opposed to money, then we’ll give them some suggestions and direct them to a few different websites (we’ll most probably direct them to Not on the High Street first off!).

To inform our guests of our decision, we have put a little note on our wedding website reading;

“Your company, conversation and dance moves are the best gift you could give us, however, if you wish to give us a present, then a gift of money to put towards our honeymoon would be gratefully appreciated!!”


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