So we went to re-visit our venue on Sunday…

We re-visited our venue at the weekend to ask the co-ordinator some questions, and it was great to go back!

It was really nice to see the place again, and we took a lot of photos that I’ll be using when designing the decorations and styling the rooms over the next 618 days! The place even looked nicer than I remembered!! There were quite a few other couples visiting at the same time which was a bit annoying as we didn’t really get the place to ourselves to walk around and just chat privately, but it was good to nose into their conversations to hear what they’re planning for the place!

It was also being set up for a wedding later that afternoon, so it was good to see the venue dressed, and the table decorations that were being used by other couples! It was also good to see where things were placed around the venue such as the wedding postbox, and the cake table, which was something we hadn’t see ‘in action’ before.

We also got a list of prices for all the food and drink aspect of the day which means I can now do a proper budget plan, plus we were given a copy of the menu for the hot & cold buffet which we’ll be having as our main meal, which looks FAB!

What was a bit of a bummer, was that we found out that the venue would be un-staffed overnight prior to our wedding. I was planning to stay the night before,  and although the wedding co-ordinator said this would still be fine, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable being ‘responsible’ for the building on my own! So I think I will have to find an alternative place to sleep the night before! Luckily there is another hotel about 50 metres down the road, so this could be a good option!

I’ll add in some photos of our visit very soon…

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