Wedding ring design confusion

What with the price of gold steadily going up, it has been suggested that I start to think about what kind of wedding ring I’d like.

My engagement ring was beautifully hand-crafted by my soon to be Father-in-law; a very talented jeweller who makes lots of lovely sparklers for some very famous people! When Mr M and I were ‘pre-engaged’, one of the conversations we had was about engagement ring styles. I knew that I didn’t want a ‘run of the mill’ engagement ring, I wanted something a bit different. So after searching online for HOURS, I came across the Marquise cut diamond. They are quite rare (a good quality to me! haha) and simple, but different at the same time. I showed Mr M lots of photos, and pointed out what I did and didn’t like about each ring, and left him to relay this to his Dad who would work his magic.

The inspiration photo for my little beauty..

And my very own beauty..

However, what I didn’t really think about was how a wedding ring would fit with my oddly shaped ring.

Because the diamond has a deep ‘v’ either side, a normal band wouldn’t fit snugly alongside it – it’d leave a 5mm gap between the two rings. This was no good for two reasons; firstly, I think it looks silly, and secondly, the space between my knuckles isn’t very big, and so that 5mm gap would mean it’d make my fingers hard to bend because of the space the rings would take up.

So I know I need something shaped to fit my ring. This in itself is a really easy project for Mr M’s Dad; its as easy as making any other ring. BUT, for me, the decision is harder because there are NONE in the shops to try on!

There are no marquise diamonds (because of their rarity), and only a tiny selection of shaped rings, none of which have deep enough ‘v’s to compensate the shape of my ring.

I am also determined to have diamonds in my wedding band. No, I know its not ‘traditional’, but diamonds complement the look of my engagement ring better, and in my opinion, you can never have too many diamonds!

So once again I’ve been searching the internet and I’ve come up with two options:

Option 1 – v-shaped diamond wedding band. My engagement ring will slot neatly into the V. 

Option 2 – straight wedding band (which will sit flat against the engagement ring by cutting out some of the metal under the marquise diamond)

Both are lovely. Both will be sparkly. But both are VERY different. And I honestly don’t know which I prefer!!! Its really hard to make a decision without being able to try any on, so I think I’ll give Mr M’s Dad some old silver and ask him to mould me one of each so I can try them both on! Hopefully that’ll help me decide!


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