How many guests?!?!

When we first spoke about getting married, and who we’d invite to our wedding, I NEVER imagined that I’d have 80 odd guests watching me walk down the aisle. 

I thought we’d have our family and a handful of our close friends, and invite the whole world to the evening reception. But no. We have EIGHTY people coming to our ceremony, and a further 60 people coming to the evening do.

Where on earth did all these people come from?!

The answer? Plus ones.

When we started writing the guest list, we almost forgot that people have boyfriends and girlfriends who’d need to be invited too. We most definitely forgot that all those singletons might actually get a boyfriend or girlfriend in the two years leading up to our wedding and extra spaces would be required for them.

Okay, so we don’t HAVE to invite plus ones; we could just say partners are invited to the evening, but if it were me, and I was invited to a wedding without Mr M, I highly doubt he’d bother making the trip just for the evening, and also I’d feel a bit uneasy about being all alone at the table. I’d hate to sit there, perhaps not knowing anyone, and without Mr M to check for spinach in my teeth or dust off the crumbs that I am guaranteed to drop down my front (messy eater haha!).

So like my Mum always says, I am going to ‘do as I would be done by’. In all honesty, I’d feel happier knowing that my guests will be happy having someone there to share our day; after all, thats what weddings are all about!

It does make me ‘eek’ a bit inside when I think about the rows and rows of chairs I’ll have to pass before reaching Mr M at the end of the aisle!!

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