Spill, or surprise?

Friends and I have recently been talking about whether we are sharing our wedding plans, or keeping them as surprises.

I personally am doing a bit of both! I like to share the excitement of things I’m making, but at the same time I do find myself being quite secretive with our plans! I think the reasoning behind this is that Mr M and I still have another 627 days, or to put it in an easier format, 1 year, 8 months and 17 days till we tie the knot. Within our friendship group, 5 of us ladies are engaged, and although I was the first out of the group to get engaged, I am the last to be married (only one couple hasn’t yet set a date, but they only got engaged 2 days ago so I’ll let them off!)! I suppose I don’t want ‘my’ ideas to be used 4 or 5 times over before I get to become a Mrs!

Before getting engaged, I would have scoffed at anyone who had have said that and thought “they’re not YOUR ideas, they’re just ideas”, but planning a wedding (and having so long to plan it) turns you a little crazy! I can see myself morphing into the Bridezilla I said I’d never be. But lo and behold, those infamous words “it’s MY wedding” have fallen out of my mouth on numerous occasions.

I am recording each and every step of planning our wedding via my ‘wedding report’, which is starting to become a bit of a novel! Once married, I’ll reveal all the personal touches I’ve put into our wedding in more detail, rather than just mentioning them, or adding the odd photo here and there.

Another reason for keeping my ideas to myself, is that I really want it to be a fun surprise for everyone who is invited – including Mr M!! I want our friends and family to turn up and say “wow, I never expected this!” or “how did you keep that quiet?!”. I’m not saying our wedding is going to be anything particularly special entertainment wise; our budget doesn’t support that, but I still want the things we’ve saved so hard for to come as a surprise for our guests, rather than have them knowing beforehand what to expect!

I think our wedding will be a little different to the ‘normal’ wedding, not in the sense that its particularly wacky (its about 2% wacky), but we’ve really personalised it to fit US and what WE are into, some  of which may not fit into the normal wedding sterotype.

Sometimes though, its just so hard to keep things a secret as everything is just SO exciting!!!

2 thoughts on “Spill, or surprise?

  1. I LOVE this post! I know exactly what you mean! I’m going to a family wedding soon and have been quite secretive about my plans because I want everyone to be surprised by what I’ve made and created and that my ideas arent used among people we know before I get married :)

    Your wedding report book sounds wonderful :) Does mr M know you’re doing it? And does he have to wait til you’ve finished to read it? :)


    • Hi Megan!

      Thanks for your comment! : )

      Mr M does know I’m doing a wedding report book; though he doesnt know the content of it yet! I’ve bought the book I’ll be writing it up in – a lovely Cath Kidson notebook! The only downside is that I’ve written a lot already on the computer and I’m planning on handwriting the entire thing… Haha.

      He’s not allowed to read it until its finished either, so he’ll probably be waiting another two years to see the final product!! : )


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