My growing list of DIY projects

So, our Save the Dates are out and winging their way across the south of England, ready to stick to all our lovely guests’s fridges. So now I need anther project!

So far ticked off my DIY project list are: reserved seating signs, goodie-bag labels, groom’s gift box tags and insert (explaining that he deserves to be treated etc) and bridesmaid bouquets (top secret project! But still in progress..).

Projects left to complete/start? I’ve got to make my bridal bouquet and all the buttonholes, design and make a ring box, design and make our card box, cut out and paint the stand for the top-table ‘Mr & Mrs’ letters, start designing the table plan labels, collect photos and start creating the ‘wordy part’ of the photo display, design and make favour tags and seating tags, create a confetti box label, edit and print out the order of services, invitation insert and ‘guide’ and toiletry basket poems (male and female). Design the children’s activity books and bags, type up and print out copies of the speech game’ rule cards, paint an outdoor welcome sign… And that’s all I can think of, for now!!

So yes, there are quite a few incomplete (or completely unstarted) projects! And knowing me, I’ll probably find more projects in the next 20 months! But it’s something I’m really looking forward to as I love crafts, and I get real satisfaction from seeing the end result!

Out of that list, my next project will be creating the ‘wordy part’ of the photo display. As part of the display, I want to add love quotes and lyrics out of songs in between the photos to give it an extra romantic feel, and break the photos up a bit! I’ll be using the same card and paper that is being used throughout my paper based DIY projects to make it consistent and tie it all in.

This weekend I’ll be surfing the net, looking for some quotes to feature in my display…

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