Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..

At the weekend, Mr M’s Mum asked me what I was having as my ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, and it really got me thinking as it wasn’t something I’d thought about before!

For my ‘something old’ item, I was thinking of wearing something of my late Nan’s. She passed away a decade ago now, and I still miss her a lot. I would like to wear a piece of her jewellery, possibly a ring or a bracelet, so I think I’ll speak to my Mum and see what ideas she comes up with.

My ‘something new’ will be pretty much every item of clothing I’ll be wearing on the day! My dress will be brand new, along with my beautiful shoes, and my underwear!

The ‘something borrowed’ item may be lent to me by Mr M’s Mum. She wants to lend me a piece of her jewellery. I hate borrowing things off other people though as I’m forgetful AND clumsy, and I’ll be constantly worrying that I’ll lose it or damage it in some way! And what makes it worse, is that the legend says that if you fail to return the borrowed item, you’ll get back luck!!! Eeek!

And lastly, there’s the ‘something blue’. I’d quite like to have a little bow or something sown into my wedding dress – blue isn’t in our colour scheme at all, so although I’d like to keep with tradition and not miss this ‘something’ out, I would prefer it to be subtle, or hidden if possible! A lot of dress shops do this free of charge, so I may buy the little bow from a craft shop and ask my dress maker to sow it in for me!

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