Save the Date excitement!

 Yesterday was Mr M and I’s anniversary and we decided it’d be a nice day to finally post our ‘Save the Date’ magnets to our guests!!

We’ve had them sitting in one of my wedding storage boxes since the beginning of the year (since the 3rd of Jan to be precise), but we were worried that it’d be too early to send them out. But yesterday was the day we finally relented and gave in! So with 1 year, 9 months and 8 days to go, our Save the Dates are winging their way across the South of England, ready to excite its recipients (hopefully!)!!!

The ‘Save the Date’ magnets…

..And the magnets in their envelopes, all ready to be posted!!

I got the magnets from Vistaprint (about £8 for 50 including delivery), and the little envelopes and clear labels (just seen in the photo) from WH Smith*. The labels weren’t cheap (about £12 for 210 labels), but they are neater than handwriting each and every label for 50+ guests, and multiple copies can be easily printed off when you need to send the formal invitation and thank you cards out later on!

The blue envelope in the photo is a handwritten letter to my late Grandad’s wife, asking her if she’s do a reading for us during the ceremony. I would have loved my Grandad to have done a reading himself, but sadly he passed away in May 2010, and his wife is my last remaining ‘Grandparent’. She is away from home quite a lot now, so sometimes it’s easier to catch her by post rather than phoning her! And it’s also a nice keepsake I think!

I know you don’t tend to RSVP with the Save the Dates, but I am looking forward to the first person acknowledging that they’ve received one.. hopefully by the end of the week!!

* If anyone buys the 6.35cm x 3.81cm labels from WH Smiths and wants to print on them, email me at as I have an editable layout for Microsoft Word you can use!

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