Mothers Day sales

The Mothers Day sales are actually really handy places to pick up some lovely gifts for the Mothers as part of their wedding thank-you gifts... Because, it’s now all in the sale!

Okay, so cards aren’t particularly helpful (though you could stock up on next year’s to save a few pennies), but there are lots of gifts such as photo frames and photo albums and candles (amongst loads more) that will make great additions to their thank-you present.

Thank-you gifts don’t have to be limited to ‘thank-you for helping to organise this wedding’ gifts, you can also say thank you for bringing you up to become a mature adult, and helping to guide you into being someone who now wants to share their love with someone else. This is particularly important to me, as my Mum is wonderful!

And now Mothers Day has passed, everything has been reduced and put into the bargain bin ready to be picked up by someone bargain hunting like me, or someone who forgot Mothers Day yesterday!!!

ASDA had some smelly-sets in their sale, now reduced to £2 or £3, which is great considering that yesterday you would have paid £7!!!

Yippee for sales! 

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