Two Bridesmaids and one Best Man down…now just one more Bridesmaid and three Ushers to go…!

I asked my best friend from school to be my Chief Bridesmaid last night, and thankfully she said yes!!!

I popped round her house for a cup of tea with the card in hand, but I was so nervous it took me over an hour to pluck up the courage to actually give it to her!

On the front of the card it reads ‘will you be my Bridesmaid?’… Well, she completely missed that, and it took her till halfway through the personal message I’d written to her inside to actually realise what I was asking her!!

Cue lots of ‘eeeeeks’ and squeals (from both of us!) and I finally had a ‘yes’ from my Chief Bridesmaid!!

I’m sooooo happy to have her onboard and as excited as me with the planning!

On ANOTHER plus note, Mr M finally asked his best friend from school to be his Best Man last night..and he also said yes!!

Later on in the evening after the boys had parted, I received a lovely message from our Best Man, saying how honoured he was to be asked, and that it’d be the proudest moment of his life to be our Best Man. Reading that, I knew Mr M had 100% made the right choice.


So this evening it’s the time to ask our final Bridesmaid (Mr M’s sister), and our three Ushers; my brother and Mr M’s two brothers! Hopefully we’ll get a YES from all four….. 


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