One Bridesmaid down.. two to go!

I just asked my younger Sister to be our Bridesmaid when Mr M and I get married next December! And she said yes!

I bought each of my 3 Bridesmaids a ‘will you be my Bridesmaid?’ card from Oh So Cherished, in which I wrote a little message asking them if they’d be our Bridesmaid.

Although my Sister and I don’t always see eye-to-eye (truthfully, we rarely see eye-to-eye!), she actually seems quite excited about the prospect of being our Bridesmaid, and has already offered to get involved and contribute which is nice.

I also got her to try on the dresses and ivory faux-fur shrugs we bought for them a few months ago… and it fits perfectly! I don’t mean to be big headed, but I think I chose pretty well! : ) Its definitely a relief to know that one, the dress looks lovely on, two, it fits really well, and three, she actually likes it!!

So that’s one Bridesmaid down.. just two more to go.. the next, I believe is tomorrow evening….!!


2 thoughts on “One Bridesmaid down.. two to go!

  1. So so pleased it went well with your sister!!! And that she likes the outfit too, must be a relief that theres no fuss over the outfits and shes happy to wear it :D

    Good luck for the next two!!! Write and tell us how it goes! xxxx

    • Thanks Megan!

      It was definitely a relief when she was positive about the outfit! I’m glad I took a risk in buying the outfits without them knowing now, as I’ve saved a lot of money not buying ‘conventional’ bridesmaid dresses, and they go perfectly with our colour scheme!

      Hope the next two go as well!

      The next will be my Chief Bridesmaid (my best friend from school) tomorrow night! xxx

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