Oh my goodness! I went wedding dress shopping!!

OMG.. I went dress shopping at the weekend for the first time with my Mum, and I’ve ‘fallen’ for two completely different dresses!

I went to the shop to try on a particular dress (I’d previously seen it on their website and loved it), and came out thinking about two different dresses, neither of which were the dress I went in to see, and both of which were ones I’d dismissed online!

I quite liked the whole experience of trying on different wedding dresses; I tried on a few styles I didn’t think I’d like (some of which I didn’t, but others I did), and it was quite nice pretending to be a bit of a princess for a couple of hours!

When I first walked into the room I was a bit takenaback with all the dresses; there were just so many! It wasn’t a large shop, but it certainly packed in a lot of different styles and sizes. I’ve never seen so much ivory and sparkle in my life!!!!

The only downside to dress shopping was that the two dresses I fell for weren’t in my size. Its generally quite well known that wedding dress sizes don’t bear any relation to ‘high street’ sizes, so you couldn’t just walk into a shop and pick up a size 12 wedding dress thinking it’d fit your high street size 12 body, as it most likely wouldn’t. And that was most definitely the case for me. I was being squeezed into size 8-10 dresses, which didn’t really help to show what a correctly fitting dress would look like on my size 14 body.

But nether the less, I did find two dresses that I loved, and I could see that they would look lovely when fitted to me, despite the samples being so ill-fitting. They were both within the same remit as the dress I went into the shop to look at, but at the same time quite different from each other.

However, both were VERY expensive. The dress I went into look at was £450 in the sale (for a sample gown), or £850 brand new. £850 being my upper most limit of what I’d spend on a dress. And both of these dresses exceeded this upper limit by at least £300! Ooops!

So I’m now looking into getting my dress made for me instead as its not within our budget to spend that much on my dress. Whichever dress I choose won’t be exactly the same as the two I tried on in the shop; copying a dress exactly is actually illegal (an infringement of copyright), so changes will have to be made to deem it ‘not a copy’, but this isn’t a problem as there would be some changes I’d like made to both dresses anyway.

I did love dress shopping though; before I left I felt nervous and quite self-concious of a stranger seeing me half naked, but once I was in there, I really liked the experience and could have stayed hours trying dresses on!

My next problem will be deciding WHICH dress to have…!!!!


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