Wine glass charms – great eBay seller!

I was after some wine glass charms as a little gift to my Bridesmaids, and came across a great seller on eBay!

I’d bought some charms a while back, but had since recruited another Bridesmaid (!) and the original seller I bought from has since closed their online shop so I needed to get another one made!

Luckily, I stumbled across a different seller, who was happy to make me another one for my extra Bridesmaid and also one for me saying ‘Bride’. I was able to choose the colour beads I wanted too, which was great as I wanted each of them to be different!

And the best bit?

They were 2 for 99p (plus 60p p&p!)!!!

The seller’s eBay ID is 0124bernardthegurnard (or you can find them by typing ‘wine glass charm’ into eBay).

I’d definitely recommend them! 

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