VERY comprehensive to-do list!

It took a lot of searching to find a good to-do list, and even then, there were lots of things that weren’t appropriate to me, or aspects that weren’t included that I felt was necessary.

In the end I combined 3 to-do lists to make something that covered everything I needed. And here it is. Its in 3 sections – 2012, 2013 and December 2013 (the month we’re getting married).

Some of this might be totally irrelevant to you, but you are more than welcome to use it if you feel it might be of help feel free to copy and paste it into Microsoft Word and edit it to your own needs!


January                                                                                                Complete?
Set a date
Book ceremony and reception venue
Book Registrar
Draw up a guest list
Organise wedding insurance
Set budget
Create list of estimated costs
Choose wedding party (Bridesmaids etc)
Choose and buy wedding stationery
Choose and book photographer
Choose and book cake baker
Check wedding budget
Book hair and make-up artists
Check wedding budget
Re-visit ceremony and reception venue
Start looking at wedding party outfits
Check wedding budget
Check ‘day’ and amend guest list
Post Save the Date magnets
Book DJ/entertainment
Check wedding budget
Amend ‘day’ guest list if there are any immediate declines
Check wedding budget
Create list of ‘must have photos’ for photographer
Check wedding budget
Make song list for meal and evening
Check wedding budget
Start looking at present ideas for Bridal Party
Check wedding budget
Arrange family meal for the ‘F’s and the ‘M’s for December
Check wedding budget
Have family meal with the ‘F’ and ‘M’ family
Make appointment to meet with the Registrar
Go on a mini-break on the wedding anniversary
Check wedding budget


January                                                                                                                   Completed?
Book first the night before and the night after at the venue
Choose readings and songs for the ceremony
Meet with the Registrar to give notice?
Check wedding budget
Start looking at Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom outfits
Re-visit venue
Meet with the Registrar to give notice?
Check wedding budget
DEADLINE to have met with Registrar to give notice!!!
Get Bridesmaids measurements
Look at mini-moon breaks for January 2014
Check budget
Book having a hair and make-up trial
Book having first meeting/fitting with seamstress
Check addresses for all guests
Check wedding budget
Organise any extra entertainment
Re-visit wedding venue
Check wedding budget
Order Groom’s and Groomsmen suits
Order Bridesmaid dresses
Buy wedding lingerie
Start to organise Hen and Stag parties
Check wedding budget
Choose any extra accessories needed
Check all songs and readings with the Registrar
Address and send out day invitations
Check budget
Address and send out evening invitations
Buy gifts for Bridal party
Design and ask jeweller to make the rings
Book mini-moon
Check wedding budget
Buy Bridesmaid shoes and accessories
Begin skin care regime
Amend guest list with any immediate declines
Address and post evening invites
Re-visit ceremony and reception venue
Check wedding budget
Collect all RSVPs together and chase any non-replies
Have Hen and Stag parties
Type up song list and send to DJ/band
Organise menu
Make sure the Mums have appropriate outfits and arrange shopping trip if necessary
Re-visit ceremony and reception venue
Check wedding budget
Pay any suppliers that require the balance this month
Make a final list of attending day and evening guests
Start arranging a seating plan
Start having any extra body treatments
Try on full wedding outfit and organise final alterations
Make sure Bridesmaids have everything they need (shoes, accessories etc)
Book a fitting appointment with suit shoe
Make sure all speeches are prepared
Give Bridal Party a list of responsibilities for on the day
Organise ‘M’ and ‘F’ family meal for mid-December
Re-visit ceremony and reception venue
Order confetti
Have final hair cut
Check wedding budget

December 2013

December                                                                                                                Completed?

First week in December

Pay any remaining suppliers
Inform venue of final numbers
Finalise menu and drinks
Order bouquets for the Mums to be delivered on the day
Complete seating plan and organise place cards
Print out Order of Service
Have eyelash extensions
Make confetti cones
Check all outfits fit and are complete

Second week in December

Make final contact with suppliers and companies (confirm timings etc)
Check details of ceremony with Registrar
Ensure rings are completed and fit perfectly
Make hot chocolate favours and pack into a box ready to take to venue
Buy any last minute decorations

Third week in December

Hold ‘M’ and ‘F’ family dinner
Check everyone knows the schedule to the day and their role
Pick up suits BEFORE Christmas Day if possible
Have hair dyed
Pack overnight bag for the wedding morning and the day after the wedding

Day before the wedding

Take all decorations, favours, stationery, presents to the venue
Set up the reception tables if possible
Set up the ceremony chairs and reserved seat signs if possible
Have a manicure and pedicure
Make sure Mr M has an overnight bag packed and brings it to the venue
Make sure any final payments are in envelopes ready to be handed out
Make sure wedding dress, shoes and accessories are packed ready to take to the venue
Make sure the rings are packed!!!
Make sure the Groom’s family and Groomsmen have their buttonholes
Have a meal with Mr M before going separate ways for the evening

Day of the wedding

Make sure everything is set up correctly downstairs
Have a big-ish breakfast
Get changed into something easy to remove when getting into dress
Have hair and make-up done
Make sure everyone is organised
Have photo-shoot with the photographer
Put engagement ring on right hand
Grab bouquet
Touch-up hair or make-up
Meet with Registrar
Get married!!

I’ll probably find extra things to add in nearer the time, but for now this appears to cover the main and most important things surrounding our wedding!

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