Asking my Bridesmaids to be my Bridesmaids – the preparation!

I haven’t yet officially asked my Bridesmaids to be my Bridesmaids, but I’m planning to in the next couple of weeks.

It took me ages to decide how to do it; I could have asked them face-to-face, over a meal, by text or phone, but I’ve finally decided to go down the card route. I love giving and receiving cards, so I think it’d be a nice gesture and a keepsake for them to remember their role after the big day.

Whilst searching online for ways to ask, I did see some other lovely ways of asking them if they’d do the honour – poems, iced chocolate plaques, letters, games, word searches.. there were some lovely personal and creative ideas!

We’ll have three Bridesmaids if everything goes to plan; our sisters and my best friend from school. I’m going to ask my best friend from school to be my chief Bridesmaid – I think she’ll really enjoy helping out and being a part of my special day, and she has already offered to come dress shopping with me!

It was actually quite hard to find a card entitled ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ – I finally found one design on eBay, and another design on – but there wasn’t much choice!! There was a massive selection on, but they were all American sellers and the shipping costs to the UK were higher than the price of the cards!!

Just waiting for the final ‘will you be my Bridesmaid’ card to come through and then I’ll have to pop the question!

Eeeek! Exciting!

3 thoughts on “Asking my Bridesmaids to be my Bridesmaids – the preparation!

  1. Thats such a lovely way of asking them!!!! And for them to have something special to keep :) You have brilliant ideas Lauren :) Let us know how it goes? :) xxx

    • Aww thanks Megan! Your comments always make me smile and think I’m not crazy and going over the top with things!!

      I think I’ll ask my Chief Bridesmaid when I see her in two weeks, and then the two sisters shortly afterwards.. I’ll let you know how it goes once I’ve popped the question! :D xx

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