How hard can it be?!

Mr M and I want something fun for in the evening and would LOVE a doughnut or soft pretzel cart/trailer outside to give our guests some lovely warm tasty nibbles for an hour or so in the evening. But can I find anything like this in our local area?


Its not even a question of finding an affordable company for once!! It’s a case of finding ANY company to provide us with this service!

In my wedding vision, I picture our guests outside in the beautiful frost-covered grounds of our venue with their coats and mittens on, waiting to be served some steaming mini doughnuts or sugary pretzels in front of a background of fairy lights in the trees and kids with sparklers (aww, the romance!). But at the moment, this vision does not look like its going to become reality..  : (

But I am determined, so on with the search we go…


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