Our first wedding fair!

This Saturday just gone, Mr M and I went our very first wedding fair! We went to the Glow Wedding Fair in the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.

It was pretty much what I expected – lots of different suppliers handing out bags of information about their services, LOADS of gorgeous dresses (my mouth was watering a little bit!) but NO freebies!!! Well, apart from a couple of small vials of perfume (which just so happens to be a current favourite of mine).

I was expecting free cake tasting (probably the only reason why Mr M went), and music demo CDs… But apparently this is a thing of the past!

Apart from seeing some lovely dresses, I didn’t think it was particularly inspiring, but then again, we have planned the majority of our wedding already, so it’s not like we were going for anything in particular.

However, saying all that, I did enjoy it! It was nice to look through so many collections of different dresses, headbands and tiaras (probably my favourite bit of the entire show) and we entered a few competitions as well! Fingers crossed we win!

I would definitely go to more wedding fairs in the future, but perhaps I’d prefer to go to more local ones where they specialise in showcasing local companies and services!

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