Completing online surveys for cash/ UPDATE

I posted a LONG time ago about completing surveys online for cash and voucher rewards, and I thought I’d update on my progress!

Between Mr M and I, we have so far raised almost £100 in high street vouchers, just by doing surveys a couple of times a week in our spare time!

They are not hard, particularly time consuming or from dodgy sites, but the rewards are pretty good!!

We are both signed up to which is where we do the majority of our surveys. You get sent an email with an invitation to take part in a survey, and if you complete the survey you are rewarded with your account being credited with FREE MONEY! Once you’ve reached £10, you can claim your reward in the form of vouchers, that can be used in loads of different stores. You can choose from Argos, M&S, John Lewis, Amazon, and many more different shops!

And if you invite friends to join up and they start completing surveys, you get an extra £2 bonus!

Not bad really for a few minutes out of your day! 

One thought on “Completing online surveys for cash/ UPDATE

  1. valuedopinions is the best site i have used so far too, my partner and i get about £20 a month and its definitely going to help to get some of the little extras for the wedding. really enjoying reading your blog :)

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