My DIY – Order of Service scroll

After making the ‘reserved’ seating signs, I’ve felt like I’m on a bit of a DIY roll, so I got straight onto my next DIY project; our Order of Service.

I spent a long time surfing the Internet, trying to find designs I liked and appropriate wording for our needs, but most of the ideas avaliable are Order of Services for church ceremonies (which is most likely because Order of Services are not generally done in civil ceremonies).

I didn’t want anything particularly fancy and I didn’t really want a booklet – it’d drive me mad if all I could hear was the rustling of paper as people flicked through the booklet in our small and intimate ceremony room. So I decided I’d make a scroll!

At the start of our wedding planning, I went a bit crazy and bought things I liked without really thinking about how useful they’d be (I think we’ve all probably done it!), but luckily, this frivolous buy WAS useful! I’d bought a big pack of vellum paper – which turns out to be the perfect material for scrolls!

To make the scroll itself was really easy; I just typed the essential information on Microsoft Word, and printed it out! Decorating it was slightly trickier! I wanted to tie it up with a ribbon bow, and add a little homemade tag onto it – making the tags was the tricky part as they were only 4cm x 2cm and quite fiddly! However, after much deliberation, they were done (you can’t see it in this picture though)!

Nothing over the top, but a cute gesture and keepsake for our guests!!

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