Wedding ‘reports’

I am currently in the process of writing a wedding ‘report’; a stage by stage recording of the journey from the beginning of Mr M and I’s relationship to the days after our wedding (and everything in between!).

The idea of a wedding report is to give the history of you and your partner, and include all the details about your wedding – including all the planning elements. This will be a fab reminder for years to come for you and your partner, and a lovely keepsake to show any children or other relatives in the future! It’ll also probably give you a good laugh when you look back in 20 years at the change in fashion!

I personally love writing my wedding report; writing it as I do things allows me to make sure I remember everything about planning our wedding and will allow us to relive the excitement of making the big decisions when we are old and grey.

Its surprising how much you actually put into a wedding – but this becomes very clear when you get it down on paper! I’ve already written 16 pages of what I’d class as ‘important aspects’ of our wedding – and we’re still just under 23 months away from getting married!!

If you want to write a wedding report, the best place to get inspiration of what to include is the wedding forums; You and Your Wedding and Cofetti have dedicated sections on their forums where happy newleyweds share their big days with the rest of the world.

You can not only pick up good ideas from them, but its lovely and heartwarming to read that somewhere else in the world, another couple have just made a massive step towards the rest of their lives together like you too will soon be doing!

I’m writing my wedding report on my computer, and once our wedding is over, and normal life is resumed, I will hand-write it into a lovely notebook I’ve bought, and include lots of photos of the different stages that I’ll have taken along the way!


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