Stage one of becoming Mrs M..

Most Brides secretly do it, I’m just honest enough to admit it…

..Okay, so I’ve opened an email account in my married name!

Sad? Yes. Geeky? Yes. Very early? Yes. Exciting? YES!!!!

But I can’t help it! I cannot wait to be Mrs M and so anything that attaches me to my new name and new ‘life’ is a do-er to me!!

I have to admit, I do love my new, shiny, married-name email address! I get no mail to it yet (apart from the occasional message from Mr M), but it’s there, and it’s ready and waiting for me to send my very first “I’m-now-a-married-woman” email!

I also had to sign Mr M up for a Nectar card the other day, and before finishing the process there was the option to have an additional cardholder… So my married name went on that too! I will probably never use it, but it’ll be something that I can squeal over for the next 702 days until its official!

Better get practising that new signature…!! Eeek!!! 


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