Past Times is closing down :(

It’s a sad time, because the lovely vintagey shop Past Times has gone into administration and is closing down : ( 

Past Times is one of those wonderful shops where the stock they sell is just gorgeous and reminds you of your childhood. Vintage looking games, cushions, jewerely.. just lovely stuff. So I’m very sad it’s closing down.

However, the closing down of this shop means.. SALE! And a minimum of 50% off too!

I went in there at the weekend, and picked up some lovely cushions, a wall plaque, a gorgeous embroidered footstool AND my wedding day necklace!!

The necklace I found was similar to a necklace my Nan wore when she was alive but broke a few years back; loads of see through, but light catching glass beads. And its the perfect necklace to go with my dress – its a statement necklace, but not so bold that it sticks out like a sore thumb! And for £5.40 it was an absolute BARGAIN.

They also had some lovely jewelry boxes – a perfect gift for your Bridesmaid perhaps?

Its definitely worth taking a trip to your local store to see if there is anything perfect for your wedding (or home, or anywhere!), or check out the sale online:

I love a bargain, but I am very sad that one of my favourite shops will soon no longer be around :(


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