Our Stationery – update

After months and months of searching, making mockups, scouring the internet (particularly eBay), we finally have our wedding invitations – and from a relatively unlikely place!

I was happy to DIY our invitations if need-be, but I could not for the life of me find the right colour gold card to use, or work out how to print out in gold ink. So plan B was to go for something readymade!

We then stumbled across Marks and Spencer’s range of wedding invites, and found the most perfect gold day invitations, and seperate gold evening invitations which would match our colour scheme!! Hooray!!

They are part DIY though, as they require you to print out the inserts at home – this was 100% fine with us, as we wanted quite specific wording, which wasn’t generally used in off-the-shelf invites.

They were also quite good value – for over 100 invitations altogether (60 day invites and 50 evening invites), it came to less than £70 (which includes all the paper to print the inserts on)!! Not bad really!!

We won’t be sending them out for at least another 12 months, but its good to know that they are ready and waiting – especially as they are EXACTLY what I wanted!!

Stationery stress is OVER!!!! 


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