Shropshire Petals: great confetti company

If you are after natural confetti, then Shropshire Petals appears to be the place to go!

This company has had loads of great reviews regarding service and the quality of the confetti, and they will send you samples free of charge! I ordered some samples and they were great quality – this company is definitely on my consideration list!

You can also find discount codes on Google to get money off your purchase!!


2 thoughts on “Shropshire Petals: great confetti company

  1. Thank you so much for giving Shropshire Petals a mention. We are launching a new website in the next few weeks…I think you will love them even more then.

    For you wedding, pick and mix your own confetti or see our Special Offers section for some great deals.

    What colour scheme are you having, perhaps we could send you some more samples?


    SP x

    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks for commenting on my post! I look forward to seeing the new website when it’s all finished!!!

      The samples I ordered last time were Damson wine and icing sugar, and aubergine and icing sugar and gold. I loved the Damson wine and aubergine, but thought it didn’t look quite ‘right’ with the two icing sugar variations.

      My colour scheme is plum, gold and ivory – if you’d like to send me some samples of what you think would work well with this I’d really appreciate it!

      itsabridesworld xx

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