Save the Date magnets – Vistaprint

Before Mr M and I had to change our wedding date, we got our Save the Date postcards from Vistaprint and we were really happy with them, so it was only natural for us to go back to Vistaprint to get our new Save the Dates with the correct date on them. This time however, we went for MAGNETS!

I was a bit worried initially – they were considerably smaller than the postcards, so I was worried the text wouldn’t be clear, or they wouldn’t be as striking. I was also worried they’d be poor quality, or that by shrinking the image it’d make the picture grainy. And to add to all those worries, I was also worried that the magnet itself would be thin and flimsy and would look cheap.

But I was totally wrong to have all those worries. 

Yes, it was smaller than our postcards, but they were also more practical (in my opinion) – they could be stuck on our guest’s fridges and were less likely to be missed or thrown out. Being smaller also meant that they were still striking, but not ‘in your face’ like perhaps they were before (we had gone for oversized postcards which were half A4 sized).

The image was good quality – clear and not at all grainy.

The magnet itself was also good quality – it stuck to the fridge with no problems. I should mention, that the magnets are not like magnets you might buy from a shop (I.e. an image inside a hard plastic surround with a magnet on the back), they are cut from sheets of flexible magnet material. This is kind of what I wasexpecting, but there are nophotos or descriptions on the Vistaprint website so I wasn’t sure.

All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase from Vistaprint once again! And for 50 personalised magnets for less than £9 including p&p, you can’t really go wrong!

If asked which I preferred between the magnets and the postcards, I really couldn’t choose!

I like that a magnet can be stuck to the fridge, and for Mr M and I that is a ‘pro’ as its a nice reminder for us each day, however, for our guests, the magnet doesn’t hold the same kind of sentiment and so if you had to spend more money to have the magnets it may be a waste of money in the long run.

On the other hand, I loved that the postcard could be kept, or put into a scrapbook after the wedding (or properly recycled) – this can’t quite so easily be done with a magnet. I also liked that the postcard was bigger and therefore more of a statement- though I probably wouldn’t have got the oversized ones if I were to buy them again.

The long and the short of it is: if you are on a tight budget but really want some kind of Save the Date, go for whichever is CHEAPEST!!!!

2 thoughts on “Save the Date magnets – Vistaprint

  1. Hi I am on Vista Print and i was just wondering which setting you used to have the full scale picture as the templates online does not seem to have anything like this and i like the style of yours?

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