DIY toiletry basket – content collection

Now is the PERFECT time to start collecting some of the items for your DIY toiletry basket!!

Shops are heavily reducing all their Christmas beauty and bathing gift sets, which means NOW is the ideal time to buy bits and pieces. Handcream, fragrance (both perfume and those little selection boxes of mini deoderants), sets of lipbalms and make-up palettes  will be super cheap right about now. These kind of items are unlikely to be quite so cheap at any other point in the year!

I’ll definitely be doing this, this time next year when I have less than 365 days till my big day!!

Its also a great idea to take advantage of these deals now if you are planning on providing a little ‘thank you’bag in the hotel rooms of those guests who have travelled a long way to attend your wedding. Sometimes, hotel soap isn’t all what its cracked up to be..!

The poem attached the above photo reads:

“Whether your skin feels dry, or your hair is out of place, you’re not feeling so fresh, or whatever the case,

We’ve put together a basket to help you along, now hurry back out before you miss the next song!”

For more information about what to put in your basket, visit the ‘DIY’ page at the top of the homepage for a comprehensive list!


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