Mother of the Bride/Groom Outfits

If your mothers are any like mine (absolutely lovely, but most definitely have their own opinion when it comes to clothes), then finding them an outfit to wear for your big day is probably going to be a chore. Add into the mixing pot, unwanted lumps and bumps and you’ve basically got WW3 on your hands!

Mums generally don’t want to be trussed up like a turkey, they just want to find something comfy, suitable for the occasion, hides their unflattering bits and not too fussy.

There are a number of dedicated Mother of the Bride/Groom clothing shops, but often they’ll be quite pricey.

BHS, Marks and Spencer and Debenhams are always good places to start. They offer a variety of different designers and cater for all age groups – so no matter how old your Mum is, there’s likely to be something that will work for her!

If your Mum has a slightly higher budget, John Lewis, Phase Eight, Jacques Vert and Bon Marche all have lovely dresses, suits and accessories available. Check out the sales in these shops too – they often have great deals on at the end of a season!

Of course, there is always eBay to consider too!! The types of dresses the Mothers usually wear are often only worn for the wedding of their child, as they are a bit more extravagant than a normal occasion outfit – hence why many go on eBay afterwards! You can always pick up some great deals on there, so its definitely worth looking!

If none of these places offer what you are looking for, consider having a dress made. Many local dressmakers will be happy to make exactly what your Mum is after, and often for a really reasonable price!!

The last thing you want is to look round the room and notice that your Mum doesn’t look comfortable in what she’s wearing, so always leave enough time to shop around, and take age, hair and skin-colour, time of year, wedding colour-scheme, weight gain and weight loss into consideration when searching for the perfect outfit!

As a general rule of thumb, both the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom tend to follow the colour scheme relatively closely – though not so closely that they look like an odd Bridesmaid!

For example, if your colour scheme is fushia, then you could ask the Mums to wear a different, but complementary shade of pink – this way it looks like they are part of the Bridal party. Though asking them to do this is this is totally up to you!

One word of caution though – check out BOTH the Mum’s outfits. Matching Mums WILL cause WW3…

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