Dress alterations

Most wedding dresses need to be altered in some way (mine included), and while Brides who buy their dresses from a shop get alterations included, for those who buy their dress privately done have such an easy ride!

I have bought my dress privately, and so am one of those unlucky souls who have to hunt around to find someone professional to alter their dress. However, I have found a number of people in my local area who are willing to do this for me!

I popped into my local dry-cleaners recently, and the owner was able to recommend a  lady who alters dresses in the local area! She has been doing alterations for over 25years and has had great reviews.

I also emailed a local bridal shop, and was given the details of their seamstress – who quoted me (on description of what I wanted to be done), around £20!! Bargain!!

I was also given the details of a market stall holder in the next town across from mine who does clothing alterations – my Mum had a dress altered by him and he charged her £9!!!

It is DEFINITELY worth asking around local businesses for their recommendations – I found 3 in my local area within a week, and so can now do a bit more research before deciding who I want to allocate the job to.

Although I love a bargain, it is usually best to go with someone that has been highly recommended, or who has years of experience – particularly with wedding dresses. The last thing you want is someone ruining your dress, or not carrying out your instructions, all for saving a few pounds!

And just remember, using an external seamstress with save you at least £100, in comparison to those who have to use the seamstress that their dress was bought from – so you are already saving a considerable amount!!


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